Single Namespace

The most simple Bcome setup is where your servers are loaded into a single namespace.

Let’s see how this works for an inventory retrieved from Google Cloud Platform where I have two servers configured - a bastion server and an application server.

For further configuration details, please refer to the documentation.

Tree Hierarchy

Here’s the tree hierarchy for this guide - a single inventory containing two servers.

▐▆   Namespace tree wbz
├───╸ server bastion
└───╸ server wbzsite_app_sq6v

Network Configuration

The network configuration is simple:

  type: inventory
  description: All my servers in a single namespace

    type: gcp
    project: wbznet
    zone: europe-west1-b
    authentication_scheme: service_account
    service_account_credentials: service-account.json
    filters: status:running

      - host_lookup: by_bcome_namespace
        namespace: bastion

Ascii Cast


To replay this Asciicast in your own terminal, install the asciinema package from, and then enter the following in your terminal:

asciinema play