Simplest SSH configuration

The simplest SSH configuration is to define an empty ssh_settings block, or to leave it out entirely.

In this case, Bcome will fallback to default system SSH settings:

  • Your local user (i.e. the system user running the Bcome process) will be used as the SSH user
  • You will not be able to proxy SSH connections, all connections will be direct.


In all cases - whether SSH is invoked programmatically or otherwise - Bcome will defer to your local ssh-agent for your SSH keys.

Make sure that your ssh-agent is running.

Example configuration

The networks.yml example below - that of single GCP inventory, returning a single server - demonstrates this configuration:

  type: inventory
  description: Entire WBZ estate

    type: gcp
    project: wbznet
    zone: europe-west1-b
    authentication_scheme: oauth
    secrets_filename: wbz-net-oauth-secrets.json
    filters: status:running AND labels.function:bastion

  ssh_settings: {}

My local user is guillaume, and I have ssh keys added to my agent. See how I may interact with server in the Inventory in the AsciiCast below:


To replay this Asciicast in your own terminal, install the asciinema package from, and then enter the following in your terminal:

asciinema play

See the Bcome documentation for more detailed configuration options: SSH Attributes Configuration.