Overriding SSH Configuration


For detailed documentation on configuration overrides, please refer to the documentation:

Overriding SSH configuration with ‘ME’ env variable

Overriding SSH configuration with me.yml configuration file

The following network configuration pulls down some servers from AWS EC2 into a single inventory:

  type: inventory
  description: Entire WBZ estate

    type: ec2
    credentials_key: webzakimbo
    provisioning_region: eu-west-1
      instance-state-name: running

    timeout_in_seconds: 10
      host_lookup: by_bcome_namespace
      namespace: bastion

My local terminal user (and so default ssh username) is guillaume, yet my EC2 machines have not yet been bootstrapped and expect a username of ubuntu.

Rather than hardcoding the required username in my networks.yml configuration (see: SSH Attributes Configuration) I can create an override file and reference it when I make calls to bcome. I can also save this override file to my configuration directory as me.yml so that is loaded automatically.

See the following AsciiCast for a demonstration:


To replay this Asciicast in your own terminal, install the asciinema package from https://asciinema.org/, and then enter the following in your terminal:

asciinema play https://asciinema.org/a/ydMEvJaozNGl9NtoqZImtbwxE