Where a Static Manifest has been set against a given namespace, Bcome will populate that namespace with servers from the manifest.


See static manifests for full documentation.

A Static Manifest allows for the declaration of servers local to your client, i.e. on-premise, or remote machines for which you may not have a configured Bcome cloud driver.

In this guide we’ll add a single static server into the top-level inventory namespace.

Directory structure

You should have a directory structure as follows:

└── bcome
    └── networks.yml
    └── static-cache.yml

Static Manifest

My static-cache.yml file looks as follows:

- identifier: fserver_a
  local_network: yes
  description: Central store
      environment: office
      function: filestore
      group: administrative

It declares a single server on my local network.

Network Configuration

My networks.yml configuration is extremely simple: it declares a top-level Inventory namesapace, for which no cloud driver has been declared.

  type: inventory
  description: Entire WBZ estate
  network: {}

Ascii Cast


To replay this Asciicast in your own terminal, install the asciinema package from, and then enter the following in your terminal:

asciinema play